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Hi, I'm Nathasha! I created N'Vision Consulting with three purposes in mind: 

1. Help you save time and money within your business while handling all of the to-do's that operate your business behind the scenes. 

2. Help individuals/employees activate their entrepreneurial thinking. 

3. Make a difference in our community with your purchase of any service. 

A part of your purchase will go towards offering free courses/training to those in need. Whether they need help with personal development or activating their entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in the workforce, our work together will make a difference in our community.

What Can I Help You With?

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At N'Vision Consulting we believe that business owners should not waste their time conducting administrative/operational tasks because it ultimately costs the business owner, time and money. While you are entering data, updating your CRM, sending out invoices, etc. you could be out following up on your clients and building additional relationships or even taking continuing education courses to learn or improve your skills that will in return bring you more business.

"As a business owner myself, I don't handle my own administrative tasks because otherwise I would be doing it as though I were paying myself to handle something that is not creating me any income and is wasting the time I could be spending with my clients . "

- Nathasha Baltodano, Owner of N'Vision Consulting

Let's find out how I can help your business grow.


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